Beer + a crafting mind = one amazing reversible bracelet

What’s better than drinking on a Saturday night? Making awesome accessories out of your favorite beer trash!

Back in August my husband and I spent a long weekend in Seattle. While the hunt for some good Washington microbrews went unsettled, I did find an amazing PBR style pilsner that had my name on it. Smooth, light and easy to drink was the name of the game that weekend, and the winner was Rainier Beer aka “Vitamin R.” Not only did this beer satisfy me, but the bottle caps kept us entertained throughout the night.

You see friends, picture puzzles, one of Gods gifts to bored human-beings, are cleverly placed on the undersides of each bottle cap. While sitting in a dark, damp dive bar three beers in and too lazy to walk through the rain that poured outside, puzzles were our little bored savors. Each pop of a bottle cap exploded into delicious mouth-watering beer foam and the pure pleasure of deciphering pictures.

A couple of beers in the puzzles were easy to solve. Wasted; well, you can only imagine, haha.


Rainier Beer bottle cap puzzle.


Get it?

No Time Like the Present! (ahahahahaha, so hilarious… not really. But after a couple beers things can get pretty silly.)

Five beers deep that drunken Saturday an amazing idea hit me! Why not use my new favorite beer, which I can only find in Washington, to make a cool accessoy to remind myself of my stellar 5-day weekend?

Two months later, I finally got around to doing it.

Challenge #4: Turning Rainier Beer bottle caps, that would easily be tossed in the trash, into a cool, quick bracelet.

Materials: Bottle caps, gold close jump rings, gold clasps, hammer, one nail, and pliers.


Jewelry supplies to make bottle cap bracelet.


Step 1 – Hammer a nail into both sides of a bottle cap.


Hammer nail into the other side.



Bottle cap with hole.


Step 2 – After nailing 2 holes in each bottle cap, take 2 caps and connect them with a gold close jump ring. Repeat this until you have the desired length of your bracelet.


Two caps connected.



Rainier bottle caps connected.



Bottle caps connected.


Step 3 – Attach clasp.


Attaching clasp



Attaching 2nd part of clasp.





Rainier beer bottle cap bracelet.



Rainier beer bottle cap bracelet.



Rainier beer bottle cap bracelet clasp.



Vitamin R bottle cap bracelet finished!


And there you have it! What better accessory to wear than a one-of-a-kind reversible Rainier beer bottle cap bracelet. Think I might wear this baby tonight.

Goal: 4 down, 196 to go!

About Ash

As a style lover I thrive on producing original, wearable pieces while invading rural and urban areas with my camera and style eyes.
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