New blog in the works

I’m starting a new blog that lays out my love for all things wearable and fashionable, declined 4 edits. I’ll most def still be updating this blog, but, as you can tell, I don’t even update it now as much as I should – ahhhh! Hopefully, this will all change.

At the end of March my sister and I will be showing our paper fashion creation at Denver’s 2011 Paper Fashion Show. I’ll be chronicling the process as it unfolds…

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Making a school girl neck bow

Back to the red plaid material. This time, instead of making a scarf I’m making an over-sized neck bow.

Red plaid material.

Challenge #11: Make female neck bow.

Materials: Red plaid material, thread, sewing machine and iron.

Step 1: Measure neck and decide how long you want your bow ends to be.

Step 2: Cut material into long rectangle shape.

Step 3: Fold material in-half long ways and iron.

Step 4: Fold ends of material into right-angle triangles, iron, and sew one end.

Step 5: Sew length of material. Turn material inside-out and sew the parameter of the bow.

Step 6: Try it on!

Finished red bow.

Goal: 11 down, 189 to go!

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Indie black and white cameo style necklace

With Christmas just around the corner, I’ve been focusing my time on projects that can result in potential x-mas gifts, and this necklace seems to fit the bill.

After once again rummaging through my boxes of random jewelry supplies, I found a couple pieces that could easily result in a fabulous necklace.

Challenge #10: Make a necklace out of random jewelry supplies.

Materials: large cameo, large oval onyx, smaller circle onyx, a couple silver chains, clasp, silver rings, thin silver wire.

Step 1: Attach large oval onyx to cameo by folding silver wire in half and running the wire through the top of the cameo and through the hole in the middle of the onyx. At the end (top of the onyx) attach a small silver ring by wrapping the wire.

Step 2: Run silver wire through the smaller circle onyx and attach both ends to the smaller silver chain. Attach silver chain to the bottom of the cameo with two small silver rings.

Step 3: Add the longer silver chain through the top of the oval onyx.


I absolutely love this necklace!

Goal: 10 down, 190 to go!

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Gothic cameo brooch – how to tutorial

Years ago my older sister painted a couple of oval tiles into cameo looking profiles. She didn’t like the way they turned out, gave them to me, and they were unfortunately added to my dark abyss of a craft desk. This morning while searching for something completely unrelated, I found these cameos and decided to make something out of them once and for all.

Challenge #9: Take a cameo-looking oval tile and make a cool, Gothic-looking brooch.

Cameo and tulle.

Materials: cameo, black tulle, black ribbon, black sequin trim, and glue.

Step 1: Lay cameo face down onto the tulle and cut tulle a centimeter larger than the cameo.

Step 2: Glue the tulle to the side of the cameo, causing the tulle to lay over the cameo face.

Step 3: Fold a piece of ribbon in half and glue it around the cameo, covering up the glue and tulle ends.

Step 4: Situate sequin black trim around cameo and glue it on.

Sequin black trim.

Step 5: Glue a pin to the back of the brooch and you’re done!

Finished Gothic cameo brooch.

Goal: 9 down, 191 to go!

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Buttons, buttons galore! Upcycle your stockpiled buttons

Like every crafter and garment maker, I have a stockpile of awesome buttons just sitting collecting dust. Today I decided to make something wearable from this collection, and decided on a bracelet.

Challenge #8: Turn old, random buttons into a cool bracelet.

Materials: buttons, scrap material wrist length, smaller seed beads, needle and thread.

Step 1: Design your bracelet by deciding where your buttons will go.

Step 2: Iron your material and cut to be the proper length. Remember, you want your cloth length to be double the size of your wrists so when you fold over your thread doesn’t show. Hem the ends.

Step 3: Sew your buttons on.

Step 4: Sew your small beads where you can see your material.

Step 5: Sew backing.

And. Done.

Now you have a cool do-it-yourself bracelet.

Finished button bracelet.

Goal: 8 down, 192 to go!

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Hip, effortless vest made out of scrap material

I love the style of having an effortless looking, small, black vest hanging off of your upper body over a t-shirt or tank top.

With that in mind, I pulled out my sketch pad and drew a quick and easy vest that I knew I could make out of black scrap jersey knit material.

Quick sketch of my vest.

Challenge #7: Turn two black scrap pieces of material into a trendy, cute vest.

Materials: 2 scraps of black jersey knit material, black thread, and two black ribbons/straps (for details)

Step 1: Sew longest lengths of both pieces together. (Since this is jersey knit, you don’t have to worry about hemming.)

Sewing black jersey knit material.

Step 2: Place material over shoulders and determine where arm holes should live. Once determined, cut out holes.

Determining location of arm holes.

Arm hole cut out.

Step 3: Trim the outside of the vest and make sure both sides are equal in length and width.

Step 4: Add flare! I tied some black silk straps I had lying around into bows on the front.

The front of my vest.

The side of my vest.

...and the back of my vest.

Goal: 7 down, 193 to go!

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Red plaid material made into fall scarf

Recently, while rummaging through my old scrap material box, I found some nice, fall prints. One bundle in particular of red plaid fabric caught my eye. With the weather outside getting a bit chilly, I figure why not make a nice, quick and easy fall scarf.

Red plaid material.

Challenge #6: Turn a bundle of red plaid fabric into a fall scarf.

Materials: Red plaid fabric, sewing machine, thread and scissors.

Step 1: Cut your material. Make sure it’s long enough. I suggest cutting yours arms length.

Step 2: Iron your material into your scarf shape.

Ironing material into scarf form.

Step 3: Sew all the way around your cut, leaving 2/3 of an inch around. Do not sew the end of your scarf, so you have an area to turn it inside out.

Sewing fall scarf.

Step 4: Turn your scarf inside out and sew the open end.

Step 5: Iron your scarf again and sew the ends one more time.

Final product! A quick and easy scarf that looks so perfect for the fall weather today, I’m wearing it to work.

Quick and easy scarf.

Goal: 6 down, 194 to go!

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